Wednesday, 15 December 2010

I cut up a whole chicken!

It's so much cheaper to get the whole chicken rather than individual chopped up parts, but I've never really done it, because in the past,
1. I didn't want to get my hands dirty
I don't mind it now, I think if you get serious with cooking you have got to be willing to understand what you're cooking by feeling the flesh, the bone, the fat, the skin..
2. It's just stressful facing a whole chicken
So, to prep myself mentally, I watched a lot of youtube videos beforehand.
I have a diagram for anyone keen to try it out too:

3. My freezer is TINY.
My flatmate's going away for a holiday, so the freezer's actually got space. It's now or never.

And I did it! It wasn't perfect, there were bits of meat still clinging to the bones so I just scraped them off, minced them all up, and got me a small portion of minced chicken that will come in useful somehow.

People say they cannot afford free-range, but like getting pre-packed chicken breasts which costs £7.78/kg. A free-range chicken costs £3/kg. Free-range chicken thighs and legs costs £3.34/kg. This is what i get usually, and actually the meat is more flavoursome than breast meat. All the same, I can't wait to try recipes using the breast cut of the chicken this time though! Oh another perk, I get the leftover carcass for making chicken stock!

Hurray for "auntie" mathematics (:


  1. I've never cooked a whole chicken before, sad to say! And always buy them pre-packed. So where is this diagram to cut this chicken. I should really face my fears (and laziness) and embrace this.

    1. I had a very ugly drawing which i took off. But in line with my current goal of trying to incorporate more of my graphic design skills into my blog, I plan to do a nice one. and then I make sure you're the first to know! (:

  2. Hi Shu Han, your blog is interesting and informative, and i learn a lot from your blog! Will wait for your chicken cutting diagram, I seldom buy whole chicken although it is cheaper compare to prepacked, but I can't cut them nicely.

  3. Hi Shu Han,
    Had just finished reading all ur entries, with a list of recipes to try! Love the Singaporean food especially! So glad to find a recipe for my fav bee Hoon soto. Tried the recipe twice, love it! Thank you for sharing! I too am looking forward to the chicken diagram haha. I too feel overwhelmed with cutting up a whole chicken but wanna save money too.
    It is an enjoyable and informative blog. Thank you.


    1. Thanks so much Yixi! So nice to hear from you! I can't believe you went back to my very first entry in my archive haha! Yes I still owe that diagram don't I yikes. I swear I'll get it out... haha eventually.. I'll be sure to let you know then! Like scream it out on my facebook page or sth "YIXI FOR YOU". Really glad you liked the bee hoon soto, and hope you continue coming back and comemnting :)