Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Homemade Coconut Butter

I just love coconut. Adding coconut milk to any soups or curries immediately imparts a sweetness and fragrance. Apart from butter, I think this is one of my (not so) secret tricks to elevating any dish. And if you're worried about saturated fat, you really ought not to be, because our body needs saturated fat in order to be healthy. Coconut oil is also high in lauric acid, which is the only other source of which is found in mother's breast milk, and the medium-chain fatty acids actually BOOST your metabolism, so contrary to popular belief, coconut does not make you fat nor does it cause disease.

So, when I chanced upon Heather's recipe for coconut butter, I just had to try it! It's really easy and requires nothing that you can't get from the supermarket.

Homemade Coconut Butter
unsweetened dried coconut flakes (try to look for those without added preservatives or anti-caking agents)

1. Blend until you get it to pouring consistency. Be patient.
If you have a food processor, just leave it on to do its work.
If you only have a hand blender like me, well, flex your thumb.

This is not going to work.

It's working, it's working..I think?

It worked, It worked!

Refrigerate for a few hours to let it set and solidify. Coconut butter will be solid at room temperature, you can warm it up a bit by running hot water over it (closed!), but it will never be like butter. It's more like...all-natural nut butters you get, which can be a bit dry. I might add some unrefined coconut oil the next time while blending, to get a smoother spread.

Oh and it's not for cooking. I thought at first I created virgin coconut oil that I can use for cooking with and save myself some money, but when I added it to a hot pan, it toasted (very very yummy smell though). So, think peanut butter vs peanut oil. Coconut butter has the oil plus the..actual body? fibre? of the coconut, so use it for spreads (albeit a rather tough one) instead, or you can blend it with dates etc to make desserts or bars. I just eat it straight from the jar (:


  1. Shu Han, I'm so pleased to find your site! Just spotted you on Food Renegade. I'm going to start exploring now... I love it when I find someone making something so simple, so well!

    Blogspot sometimes makes it hard for me to select my profile so here it is:


    see you soon! Angela

  2. Thank you! I hope you find more interesting posts (: I believe that it's often the simplest food and ingredients that are the best! I'm going to take alook at your blog now too!

  3. Your blog topics are AWESOME! THanks for visiting Emily in the Kitchen - just looking at the list on the sidebar has me hooked! Seriously - just up my alley!
    But tell me - what have you used your coconut butter with? This would be neat to do the Teen and a homeschool experiment - just need some ideas.

  4. Thank you emily!

    I think it'd be great as a spread..although I'm a bit disappointed with it because after it solidified it became too tough to spread. Try adding extra coconut oil maybe? I've yet to try it out again.

    I think it'd be great blended up with dates too, and then shape them into balls to solidify. Coconut butter date treats! That's on my to-try list!

    Let me know how it went, I'm curious to know too!

  5. So glad to hear it's not making me fat!! Yay!

    I made coconut milk once though (just added more water and blended), so maybe you can try that and then make it into a smoothie? :)

  6. oh my goodness, just what i wanted! i want to attempt a cake and one of the ingredients is coconut butter in place of butter. is this the same thing?

  7. hi terri! I really think when the recipe said coconut butter it means coconut oil. coconut oil because its a saturated fat like butter, is solid so some pple call it "butter". this coconut butter includes both the oil AND the coconut fibre so it wouldn't work the same way a pure fat does!