Monday, 28 March 2011

My Windowsill Garden

It’s officially spring! I was rudely reminded of the fact when I woke up on Sunday to find that I had ‘lost’ one hour. I still don’t get daylight saving, isn’t it just a lie to yourself, but on a larger scale? Anyway. It’s spring! And spring is the time to get planting! You can’t get more cheap and local and organic than planting your own.

I wish I could do that Jamie Oliver/ Nigel Slater thing of popping out of their kitchen into the garden and picking all the herbs and vegetables and fruits they need and throwing them into their food. I can’t, of course, because I live on the 6th floor, in a London flat half the size of my mum’s bedroom in Singapore. But also because I have the opposite of green fingers, or at least, I’ve never tried growing anything other than mung bean sprouts for primary school science.

But I have a brilliant gardener of a flatmate (: Who says there’s no reason why we can’t try that out with smaller plants which take very little space to grow and require little attention, most herbs for instance.

Those are the little pots on my windowsill. That’s purple basil, coriander, mint and chilli (of course).

Look at the coriander which was sown a bit earlier!

It’s a lot of fun rotating them so they face the sun and watching them grow from nothing to a little something to a bigger something. Go get planting too!

This is part of Simple Lives Thursday.


  1. Are you gonna convert to a gardener anytime soon?

  2. Great idea! I'll try to do it soon. In the mean time I suscribed to a CSA farm to get fresh produce every week.
    I have a story similar to yours, I started cooking because i was craving real food ( i couldn't eat more sandwiches!)

  3. It's fun growing fresh herbs! I have some out in my garden and hope to have a larger variety of fresh herbs this year. It's so much cheaper than buying them at the store every time you need a little bit for a recipe.

  4. It is fun to pick fresh growing herbs and healthy too. Thanks for visiting me and my herb garden post at Gluten Free A-Z. I just became your newest follower. I would love it if you would follow me back.