Sunday, 6 March 2011

Reflections and Blog Self-Challenge

I have been blogging for 3 months now. Wow is it really only 3 months? I feel like I've shared and learnt so much since I started. Sometimes I wonder if I'm wasting my time blogging to an audience that just isn't there, but most times, I'm just really happy to be in the kitchen and then share my foodie adventures. And occasionally, I get really really happy when I see a stranger from the other side of the world commenting that they liked my post.

Still, I feel like my blog is lacking something that makes it really special. There are lots of real food bloggers out there, but mostly based on western recipes, and that's what I've been doing too, probably because it just seems easier to share them with the real food community.

I've been thinking of my background, the food that I grew up with, and how special that in itself is! Food in Singapore is full of colours and flavours and mouthwatering spices and comforting aromas. There are blogs about Malaysian/Singaporean cooking, but not with a real food focus. So it works out brilliantly! I hope to make use of my blog to be more in touch with the fabulous food culture back home, and for anyone who reads/follows my blog, I think you can find recipes for real food that's different and exciting.

I still want this blog to be about my adventures in the kitchen, trying out new recipes, new techniques, and I believe it still can be. Food in Singapore is full of flavours from different cultures- Indian Malay Chinese Eurasian, and more interestingly, the mix of these cultures e.g. Peranakan to come up with very distinctive yumminess. Of course, being in London, I'm heavily influenced by the seasonal produce around me, the British celebrity chefs haha, and those free recipe leaflets or newspaper cutouts. I'm not going to stop myself from trying those out. I'm going to try them out AND THEN challenge myself to inject a little bit of asia (especially southeast asia) or just be inspired, but I'm not going to force it.

So, what does this mean? Nothing really, I still stand strong in my real food beliefs, and I'm still going to do soups with celeriac and other "odd" British vegetables, but I'm just going to be sharing a lot more Chinese (real Chinese home-cooking is quite different from those deep fried spring rolls in takeaways), more Indian, Malay, Peranakan, and quite possibly a bit of Indonesian, Filipino, Thai, Korean etc. Oh I'm suddenly missing home again!


  1. I agree that most food blogs out there are mostly Western Dishes but I do enjoy reading your posts about your kitchen experiments because I do like to get inspired from various recipes. Btw, I'm from Indonesia and I do know that Southeast Asian dishes have lots of variety :D Keep up with your blog :)


  2. Me too, I love getting inspired by the good of various places! I'm still doing them don't worry, but will try to give them a little of our yummy SEA twist! I also want to learn more about the food I grew up with too (: Thank you for the support (: (: (:

  3. Hi Shu. Thanks for visiting us at Real Food Dudes. I think your site is great and look forward to following an Asian twist on real food.

  4. I must admit that I know little to nothing about food from Singapore so I look forward to following your posts. :)

  5. Thanks! I'm excited about the challenge I set myself too!

  6. The foods of one's childhood are always special. Mine make me full with memories...and I go back to them for comfort. :) I am looking forward to learning more about your food background!


  7. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your experience in your kitchen.