Friday, 27 May 2011

Soaked Grains Ebook!

A while ago, I submitted my recipe for sourdough dumplings/gyozas/potstickers for Kitchen Stewardship's Soaked Grains ebook. Now that Katie has finished compiling this brilliant document, here's the book for you to look, share, and get inspired! I didn't want to make it a conditional thing, so all are free to access it, though it'd be nice if you followed my blog or check in with some comments once in a while!

Besides being a great resource for learning why and how to soak your grains, the reason why I love this is that it is a combination of effort from the real food blogger community out there, people who are also just as in love with food and obsessed with health as me (:

Is Your Flour Wet eBook

Some of my soaked grains/sourdough recipes you may want to check out:

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