Friday, 12 August 2011

(Sourdough) Crepe, that was easy!

I shared homemade rice noodles/ chee cheong fun a few days ago, which you can also think of as a rolled-up and chopped-up steamed rice flour crepe. And since we're on crepes..

I can go on so much about crepes,it's great ice-breaker/debate topic in my opinion (ok, maybe only among like-minded people). "Crape" or Crap"? Crispy or soft? Rolled, half-fold, tri-fold, triangle-fold, pocket-fold, or layered? Sweet or savoury? And with sweet, fruits or jam or red bean paste or ice cream or honey syrup or just plain sugar and lemon a la suzette? With savoury, cheese or sour cream or even curry and ok I don't want to get started on the possibility of fillings. Crepes are so incredibly versatile, and are in fact easier and take less ingredients or time to make than their less posh and elegant and gourmet-sounding cousins called pancakes.

My favourite crepes are sourdough crepes, simply because my starter is sitting there anyway waiting to be fed, and I hate throwing food out, even if it's just water and flour and micro-organisms that I can't see. And unlike most sourdough recipes, this doesn't even require any planning ahead i.e. I can make it whenever I want to. Sourdough crepes also offer more intense flavour, that slight tanginess that makes it so more-ish, and have wonderful health benefits.

This is also a chance for me to share an update on my new sourdough starter, which I've named The Second, after its nameless predecessor. The Second is doing well, bubbling very happily in the warm Singapore weather and has already been put to use for quick breads and such, like the sourdough crepes I'm about to share.

Sourdough Crepes
makes about 10 crepes
1 cup sourdough starter (mine was whole spelt, but you can use any type)
2 eggs, beaten
1/4 cup whole, grassfed, preferably raw milk (you may use more, depending on the consistency of your starter)
pinch of sea salt
2 tbsp melted butter + more for cooking
variation: coconut milk and coconut oil instead

1. Mix all ingredients till smooth and combined. Add enough milk to get a thin batter, similar to that of double cream or whipping cream. Too thick and they won't run and you get glops that are neither pancakes nor crepes. Let the crepe batter rest for at least half an hour in the fridge for better results.
2. In a 9" frying pan (or bigger, or smaller), heat the frying pan over medium heat, before adding a tsp of butter.
3. Once melted, pour in about 1/4 cup of batter, swirling and tilting the pan so it runs to the edges and coats the bottom of the whole pan.
4. Let cook for a minute or so till set and the bottom has splotches of light brown, before flipping over (with or without a spatula if you're chef-y) to cook for 30s or so more if you like them slightly crispy.
5. Now, slide out of pan and enjoy them with your choice of filling or freeze the extra when cooled.

This was breakfast when my sister came to visit me in London last summer.
Left- Overdone crispy crepe with bananas (she's crazy about anything banana) and peanut butter for her; Right- Berries and cream for me

As with all crepes, the first one or two or maybe three will be failures, but it's ok, we all make mistakes and mistakes still taste good even if they're not perfectly thin or round.


  1. mmmmmm...i'm into triple roll with bottom fold...savoury or sweet (just not lemon and sugar...ick...)!

  2. I've made crepes a total of one time. I was intimidated, although after the first 2 or 3 they turned out just fine. There is so much stuff to cook, how does a person find time for everything?

  3. I bet they must taste pretty delicious.
    They do look a bit like Thosai, a south Indian fermented rice pancake/crepe.

  4. Crepe is just crepe until you've put a commendable European touch of switching the base mixture. I think this would enhance the taste of the crepe itself. Nice!

  5. Crepes are my favorite but haven't tried sourdough ones! Your post just told me I have to! :)
    Btw, I tagged you as one of the foodies to take the 7 Links Challenge. Please check my post on Celebrating My Blog's 7th Monthsary With The Seven Links Challenge. I hope you could participate.

  6. Hey Shu Han! First time I've read/heard of sourdough crepes and am honestly quite fascinated by it! Will have to see if I can find the ingredients at my local grocer hehe...

    Btw crepes as an ice-breaker topic is a great idea! Sounds like a conversation I'd love to have with anyone, any time of the day! Haha... Thanks again, lovin' your posts/updates =)

  7. Another great way to use my sourdough starter. I often make pancakes with it, but crepes will be delightful.

  8. thanks!

    victoria:you'll be surprised how many pple like lemon and sugar!

    stephen: crepes belong in that category of " more than once" becausetthey're just so convenient!

    wendy: they really are a bit like thosai, that slight sour tangy flavour! i have them with curry also aha!

    pierre: yah, i'm obsessed with sneaking sourdough into everything.

    tina: thanks so much for tagging me! i'll use the chance to share some old posts as soon as i can. trying to squeee time out to blog in the middle of my summer internship now..

    winston: you definitely can! sourdough starter is just flour and water!

    claudia: and crepes are easier than pancakes too!

  9. These look amazing! I'm always looking for new ways to use sourdough starter. I'll save this recipe for sure!

  10. hey shu han - just wondering what hydration levels you keep your sourdough starter at cos I haven't been able to find how much flour/water you use in the starter. 100%? dying to try out these crepes :)

    1. It's 100% hydration janine, I shall go update the post in a bit! Thanks for asking! If you use a lower or hgher hydration, you can always adjust the ratios of the liquid, it's quite versatile! Just aim to get a thin batter.

  11. thanks for the quick reply :) shall try it out on the weekend!