Tuesday, 18 October 2011

A Dessert-turned-Salad of Cinnamon & Coriander Roasted Pumpkin and Pumpkin Seeds with Greek Yogurt

Continuing with my current favourite new vegetable family the winter squashes, this time round using the more easily available pumpkin, I have a roasted pumpkin salad!

It was meant to be a very simple sweet treat, roasted pumpkin with spices, tangy greek yogurt, crunchy toasted seeds, kind of the way I have baked apples. But I didn't have butter left, so I used olive oil instead, and the evoo flavour just didn't seem right for dessert. I stuck to the spices, but made it a salad with the beautiful rainbow chard that I couldn't resist getting at the market on Saturday.

Cinnamon & Coriander-Roasted Pumpkin and Pumpkin Seeds
1 small pumpkin
1 tsp ground cinnamon
2 tsp ground coriander
1 tsp garlic powder
unrefined sea salt
freshly ground black pepper
extra virgin olive oil

1. Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees celsius.
2. Peel pumpkin and remove seeds and fibrous strings. Cut into 1 inch large-ish bite sized chunks.
3. Wash the seeds and dry thoroughly. (If you want to soak the seeds first to get rid of phytic acids/for better digestion, soak overnight with salt before drying and proceeding. And if so, then this becomes a next-day-meal, or plan ahead! )
3. Toss the pumpkin chunks with a generous drizzle of evoo, 1 tsp each of cinnamon and coriander and a pinch of sea salt.Toss the seeds with 1 tsp each of garlic powder and coriander, and a pinch of sea salt (skip if you've soaked in salted water).
4. Roast pumpkin on middle rack and seeds (plus walnuts) on lower rack. Remove seeds after 15 min or until lightly browned, careful they burn really quickly! Increase temperature to about 200 degrees celsius and continue roasting the pumpkin until tender and lightly browned and caramelised, about 30 min.

Some of the roasted pumpkin, left to cool a little

To serve,
Saute sliced rainbow chard with some olive oil. Add roasted pumpkin chunks on top of the bed of chard, scatter the toasted seeds and walnuts over, spoon plain whole (full fat please!) greek yogurt over.

I know I said I'm done with salads, but the smell of the cinnamon in the oven and the warm vegetables makes this really very much a warming thing. The sweetness of the pumpkin goes nicely against the tangy creamy yogurt, especially on top of a bed of silky/crisp swiss chard, with freshly toasted walnuts and pumpkin seeds (I hate wasting food) some crunch.

Oh I suggest you do a larger batch of roasted pumpkin at a go because it's so delicious you might finish them all. If you've got any pumpkin and pumpkin seeds left over, mash up the pumpkin and use it in sourdough ravioli or add it into your baking, or really, just add some yogurt and honey for instant dessert (as originally planned..) Yum.

Last, the fabulous Stephen from The Obsessive Chef has gotten a cookbook published! Ah, a dream come true, really, and I'm envious but incredibly happy for him at the same time! Do spread the word, and get a copy of his cookbook if you can!


  1. I love squashes and your salad sounds delicious and healthy!

  2. oh so yummy! i am loving all the winter squashes right now...i have a butternut squash to use later today! also great rainbow chard...yum yum two of my favourite things!! :)

  3. It's a very appealing, Autumn salad! I have also seen recently this beautiful chard. I have hesitated but finally haven't bought it. Maybe next time? I am very curious about its taste.

  4. This squash salad looks and sounds very delicious & healthy at the same time! Beautiful color!

  5. That roasted pumpkin looks soooo good! I hadn't heard of rainbow chard. You can get Swiss Chard here... it makes a great omelette or frittata. This one looks altogether more delicate and colourful. Beautiful dish!

  6. Awesome salad! The combination of flavors looks so so good and colorful!
    Great presentation too :)

  7. The colours of this salad are so inviting.

  8. Great idea! I love pumpkin and the colors are fabulous! I definitely want to try this out.

  9. Love your salad recipes, Shu Han! They're always so vibrant and uses a lot of interesting but refreshing flavours. You're so daring and creative to mix and match flavours and ingredients when it comes to salads! I should learn to be more like you and not stick my usual ones haha

  10. hummm que delicia y que buena idea, me encanta la calabaza!
    Un beso muy grande,

  11. What a beautiful salad. I like the combination of squash with fragrant spices like cinnamon.

  12. biren: another squash lover! thanks!

    victoria: actually had a butternut squash 2 days ago too (had because I just finished it haha)

    sissi: thanks! it tastes kind of like spinach but the tougher stems part are sweeter and remidn me abit of chinese leaf lettuce, very nice!

    tanvi: thanks, i love the colours too!

    charles: it is swiss chard actually, just a different name. you can get smaller leaves or larger leaves (:

    emily: thanks!

    mycustardpie: thankyou!

    lauren: another pumpkin lover! thanks!

    winston: thank you, that's sweet! alot of times it's not because i'm daring or anything, rather, that I'm making do ><

    igloo: thankyou!

    working london mummy: thanks(:

  13. Thank you again for the mention. I totally missed this post somehow.

  14. This looks divine! Please enter it into the new round of Simple and in Season - it's just beautiful, can't wait to try it! Ren

  15. stephen: no problem(:

    ren: thanks! I will love to enter this, hope I win this time x

  16. Shu Han - thanks for your comment on my pumpkin and chickpea salad (great minds!) This looks utterly delicious - now all I need to do is track down some Swiss chard!