Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Christmas came early! (Taste of Christmas Ticket Giveaway)

I thought I was dreaming yesterday when I opened my email. I really literally stared for a full minute and wondered when I'm going to wake up.

In my previous Bloggers Unplugged post, I said my Christmas wish was for a cast iron pot/pan that can go on top of the stove and into the oven. But that was really just it. A dream. I can never justify affording one, at least in my current student financial situation.

So imagine my surprise when I saw an Amazon gift certificate for exactly that in my mail. It was from Charles from Five Euro Food. That's the nicest thing someone I've never met has ever done to me, but I really couldn't accept it. But he insisted again and quote: "Perhaps you think it's strange to have a gift from a random internet stranger, but I love to make people happy-- even if I don't know them. There's too much misery in the world... I like to think I can spread a little happiness." I get it now, that man is actually Santa in disguise. Really, though, he's an awesome person, and his website is also just as awesome! He definitely made me very happy, in fact, for the rest of the year, and possibly next year.

And now for the " Christmas came early" part 2.

I enter lots of lucky draws, because I read in some chick lit book once that it never harms one to do so. It's not like you lose anything in return. I don't expect to win, of course, in fact I don't think I've ever won one. But I did this time, and it's a pair of tickets to the Taste of Christmas food festival this weekend! It's from Action Against Hunger, an international humanitarian organisation committed to ending child hunger, a beautiful cause, so please go find out more about them and perhaps get started a little earlier on your Christmas giving!

Inspired and still a bit in shock by what Charles did, I've decided to give ONE ticket away to another Blogger. Only one, because I really want to go too. That also means, this is also a "win a free date with Shu Han" giveaway, but I think it might put half, or maybe all of, the people out there off so I didn't use that as the title. Really though, I think it will be really fun to get to meet the faces behind all these people I've met since I started blogging. And it's fun to be able to spread a little bit of the incredible love and luck I've gotten.

To enter the giveaway, just post a comment below saying hi. I'll update this post on Friday to announce the random lucky winner/ my unlucky date.

P.S. this only admits entry for one of the days between the 2-4 December, and although I want so much to go on the 2nd, because I get to see two of my food heroes Jamie Oliver AND Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall, I have a presentation in school that day, bloody hell. I was praying i would get an email saying they've switched the days, but no, that would be greedy. So if you enter the giveaway, you've to be up for going in the weekend, there's still loads of fun stuff and famous chefs going on!

P.S.S. I just realised no one may want to go with me and I've put myself in a bit of an embarrassing spot if so. Please do comment!

Ok I better post this before I wake up from this dream.

2/11/11: OK so my p.s.s. came true, and no one wants to go. Or rather, no one who can go, wants to. I'm a little disappointed, but I'm just going to go and have a blast with my friend, and definitely give an update about how it went. Thanks everyone for the best wishes and happy december (:


  1. Oh that's fun!!! So happy for you!

  2. Can a 5 year old come along as a freeloader? My little rugrat is a HUGE fan of Jamie Oliver. To date, she has watched his iPhone video app more than a hundred times and hyperventilates when she sees a photo of him ANYWHERE. Gosh, I thought kids are supposed to be crazy about princesses and The Wiggles! She will totally flip if she ever saw Jamie Oliver in real life!

  3. Well, I am going to the Friday event as well. Cannot wait to meet Jamie! Good luck with the presentation at school. I'm sure you'll do great!

  4. That is so good to hear about such nice people and good deeds. Hope you have fun! Sounds great!

  5. This is so AWESOME Shu Han, one of my most amazingly lovely friends is head of events at AAH, so she's probably been organising the weekend - have SUPER FUN!!!

  6. Congrats for winning the tickets and a great gift from Charles! Good things do happen in this world! =) I'm entering a comment just to say hi. I unfortunately won't be able to go to the Taste of Christmas event since I don't reside in London. Have fun!

  7. This is just your blessed week, isn't it? I'm so happy for you and hope you have fun with your new pan! I won't be in London until February so don't enter me in the give-away.

  8. It already feels like Christmas, Charles (aka Santa Claus) is distributing presents :-) Seriously, he is such a kind and generous person! I think every day about his generosity while cutting my vegetables and meat with the knife I have won at his kind giveaway!
    Shuhan, you merit the best pan in the world! I'm sure you will make a perfect use of it. I am so happy for you!
    Thank you for organising the giveaway! I would love to meet you, but unfortunately I won't be able to go to London in the next weeks. Believe me I'd love to jump on the next plane!

  9. That is such a lovely gift to receive. Good things happen to good people :) Have fun at Taste - I'm afraid I can't join you even if I was lucky enough to win so please excuse me from the draw. Just wanted to say hi and thanks for stopping by :)

  10. Wow, sounds like you've had a fantastic week! I can't wait to see what kind of tasty dishes you whip up with the new cast iron pan. And I'd love to go to the Taste of Christmas festival, but I don't live in London (although it's one my list of places to live in/at least visit).

  11. When you give joy to others, you yourself get joy in return and that is what the kind soul has done! Enjoy yourself at Taste of Christmas festival and don't forget to takes lots of pics and write a post to share your joy with us:D

  12. Delighted all these nice things have happened for you.

    I was at the Taste of Christmas in Dublin last weekend - it was great! (obviously too far away to enter your kind draw)

    Have a ball!!

  13. katie: thanks katie!!

    chocolate, cookies and candies: argh i wish i could see him too! I think i'll flip too! i've just had a boring day in school presenting/sitting through presentations, and wishing I could be at the event ):

    lyndsey: thanks, it's inspired me to do more good deeds (:

    michael: oh you lucky thing!!!!

    sharon: thank you! i'm still really shocked and happy (:

    farine: the most ?! thing was, it happened on the same day, at the same exact email-opening moment!

    little macaroon: oh, that is such a fun job!

    sissi: he is a total angel.

    baking addict: thank you so much!

    kyleen: I'm so excited about the pan, even more so than the event, to be honest!

    quaypo: i will!

    brownieville girl: thanks! great to hear that, i'm even more excited now!

  14. haha have fun you lucky person! :) it's like a dream come true!

  15. Aww, thanks for the mention Shuhan - I hope it works well for you :) Don't do what I did once and try and lift the lid with your bare hand directly after taking it out of the oven... that's really not a good idea :/

    "but I think it might put half, or maybe all of, the people out there off so I didn't use that as the title" - ROFL :D :D :D - I'd have loved to have gone but you know, different country and all that, plus my weekend is really crammed :( On the off-chance you ever find yourself in Paris I'll be sure to show you the best places to buy foodie-heaven stuff! I just happened to stumble on the "gold medal winner 2011 Paris' best croissant" the other day (which was also the silver medal winner for the whole of the "Ile de France" area, so must be a damn good croissant!) :)

  16. YAY! HAPPY FOOD TIMES! :) :D :)

  17. yuhan: EXACTLY! I just stoned there when I checked my mail.

    charles: haha I will try not to do that! that croissant sounds to-die-for. I love it how in france they have medals for that ;)

    shuqi: :) :D :)