Sunday, 27 November 2011

Food Bloggers Unplugged!

Thanks Elaine from Pear Tree Log for tagging me in this Bloggers Unplugged post! This is so much fun for me, not sure if it's as much fun for you to know all these random facts about a random person, but here goes anyway:

1. What, or who, inspired you to start a blog?
I'm just going to copy this directly from my "about" page because it explains so much about me and this blog, plus I know people don't read "about" pages these days.
"I grew up in a country and a house full of amazing food, but I never really had anything to do with creating that amazing food. I was forced to start cooking for myself when I went over to London to study."
"Besides cooking, this blog is as much about my discoveries and beliefs anbout food and health. I'm not your typical health nut who eats soy nuggets and bran flakes, or your typical diet-conscious teenage girl who goes for low-fat frozen yogurts. I like butter and coconut milk and fatty meat. I eat and believe in real, whole, seasonal, local foods."
"I used to feel that I'm weird or different, and that I had to eat foods that I don't want to eat to feel 'normal' around others,and that I had no right to talk about my love for cooking and food if I'm into health at the same time. But I don't care now, I've decided to heck the raised eyebrows of the skinny latte-drinking, instant koka-mee eating people around me, and embrace the freak in me."

2. Who is your foodie inspiration?
I especially like watching Nigel Slater, but gosh, I have so many foodie inspirations. My mum, most of all though.

3. Your greasiest, batter-splattered food/drink book is?
I don't own cookbooks because I'm too poor/cheap to get them, but I have this thick red folder with recipes cutouts and copied from online/publications, geekily filed with dividers, and littered with post-it notes and edits.

4. Tell us about the best thing you have eaten in another country, where was it, what was it?
Since I'm in London now, does Singapore count? ;) In that case, darn I can't decide again. There are too many. Fried carrot cake would be one. My mum's kong bak pau (48 hr marinated pork belly). Anything peranakan, especially curries and kuehs.

5. Another food blogger's table you'd like to eat at?
3 hungry tummies. I really just get so hungry looking at ALL the recipes, not just the Singaporean/Malaysian ones, but also the Western ones.

6. What is the one kitchen gadget you would ask Santa for this year (money no object of course)?
A cast iron pot and pan that can go on top of the stove and into the oven.

7. Who taught you how to cook?
My mum and all the british tv chefs have been a great help.

8. I'm coming to you for dinner, what is your signature dish?
Anything curry or stewed.

9. What is your guilty food pleasure?
Crispy fried shallots. It's supposed to last for a couple of weeks or more in the fridge as toppings/condiments for chinese and southeast asian dishes, but I can easily pop the whole batch within a couple of hours, I mean, days.

10. Reveal something about yourself that others would be surprised to learn?
As if my life does not revolve around food enough, I've recently gone hippy and started washing my face with honey, exfoliating with ground turmeric or cinnamon, and moisturising with olive oil.

And now, to tag 5 others!


  1. exfoliating with tumeric or cinnamon, I've never heard of that before. I guess I may be trying that next! :) Thanks for the tip!

  2. Thank you so much, Shuhan for tagging me. It was such a pleasure to see your food answers. I already see I will have so much problems answering them according to the rules ;-)
    I also love crispy fried shallots. I try to forget their existence when I go to my Asian shop ;-)

  3. Hi Shu Han! I'm relatively new to your blog and I'm really happy to read more about you! Curry or stewed sounds perfect to me! ;-)

  4. "A cast iron pot and pan that can go on top of the stove and into the oven."
    Something like this?

    Lovely post - so nice to learn about peoples' inspirations and backgrounds :)

  5. little macaroon: haha why the eek! this is fun (:

    katie: be careful not to leave the turmeric too long, or your skin will turn yellow.

    sissi: it'll be really fun to see your answers! I can't ignore their existence, I'm too weak for that.

    nami: thanks nami! haha if you ever come over..

    charles: yea, soemthing liek that, or a pan like this
    ah, not like I will ever justify buying one like that so I shall make do and be merry (: thanks charles, it's nice to know people aren't bored reading these random news about me.

  6. I've wanted something like the one I posted for a while. I have a really big one in cast iron which I bought at Ikea - it had a tiny crack in the top so it was reduced in price which was nice! I use it for large meat joints and things sometimes! I just started buying nice pots and pans - I have good knives now, but my pans are just horrible. I found an amazing range of pans - made by a french company called "de Buyer" - this range is 90% copper, with a layer inside the pan of stainless steel, making up the remaining 10%. They have steel riveted handles so they're oven safe as well. They're amazing pans but damn they're expensive - like €140 for one pan... and that's the smallest size, so it's going to be a long time until I have a good set - but they should last me all my life hopefully!

  7. lovely to know a little bit more about you... and I love those crispy shallot's too!

  8. Please do a post about food for skincare! I've been experimenting a bit with honey, yogurt and lemon juice facemasks and I'd like to learn more!

  9. Those crispy shallots wouldn't even last an hour in my fridge!!

  10. charles: oh i do love a good bargain! all the pyrex ware that i have, were picked up by my roommate from the dumpster haha. wow those pans better last you more than a lifetime! I 've heard pple inherit cast iron cookware from their parents ;) and again, thanks charles for what you did!!!

    dom: thanks dom! hah seems i;m not the only fan(:

    L: i'm very new to it so I'm not sure I'm in a position to give a tutorial haha. but i just play around (: my skin's not doing htat great recently though.. could be the weather, i'm hoping ):

    victoria: thanks xx

    brownieville girl: haha actually. when i said 2 hours i did mean it. but 2 days seemed a bit more redeeming.

  11. This is a fantastic read. I don't miss living in Asia but boy do I miss the food!

  12. Argh, I feel the same way about my skin lately too. Hopefully it will pass soon! I'm going to try turmeric on my face!

  13. Haha! Great interview! Very enjoyable read. You are such a fun and enthusiastic cook. I would SO want to dine in your kitchen too loL!

  14. So lovely to know more about you. Interesting beauty regime! Great blog too.

  15. chocolate, cookies & candies: yes, the food culture and variety in asia is just amazing!

    L: okay! it's anti-inflammatory, plus i heard it's quite a popular thai and indian folk remedy!

    winston: thanks winston!!!

    baking addict: haha it's a newly-started one..