Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Crispy Sourdough Pancakes with Caramelised Asian Pears and Bacon

Happy Shrove Tuesday i.e. Pancake Day! Everyone's getting into the mood and I've been bookmarking too many pancake ideas and toppings and fillings recipes the past week. I love my sourdough crepes, topped with some caramelised fruits and better yet, with homemade ice cream too. It felt time for something savoury though, since it was almost lunchtime, and I couldn't decide between sweet or savoury, so here we go with pears and bacon and cheese.

Pancakes are so very versatile that way, and the idea of a pancake is so loosely defined anyway, anything that kind of involves a batter and is fried in a pan kind of constitutes a pancake. The British idea of pancake is very different from the fluffy American version I grew up associating pancakes with, it's kind of..flat if you know what I mean. I leave it to you whether you call this a pancake or a crepe.

Crispy Sourdough Pancakes with Caramelised Asian Pears and Bacon
serves 2
4 sourdough crepes (I re-heated some defrosted ones that I've made earlier)
1 large pear, peeled and sliced (I used an Asian pear)
4 slices of bacon, cut into half so you get 8 shorter slices
handful of grated raw farmhouse cheddar (or melting cheese of choice)
2 tbsp unrefined cane sugar (adjust according to sweetness of pear and your taste)
1 tbsp grassfed butter

1. For bacon:
Add bacon to a cold skillet with just a tiny bit of olive oil (it will release its own yummy fat to cook in later) and let cook and crisp up over medium heat, turning once to let it brown on the other side. Set aside on a paper towel to drain, pour away the bacon fat but don't bother to clean the pan really well. (When I say pour away, I mean, save the bacon fat for another day to use in stir-fries or salad dressings)

2. For pears:
Toss the pears with the unrefined sugar. Add the butter to the slightly-bacon-greased skillet. When it just starts to foam, add the sugar-coated pears and let caramelise slowly, turning so both sides are browned.

3. To assemble:
Place the crepe best side down, place bacon down first, followed by the caramelised pears, and sprinkle the cheese over. Try to be fair and divide evenly. Bring the 2 sides together to form a pocket, or you can fold whichever way you like! Place into a pre-heated oven, and grill on high till the crepe is crispy and the cheese has melted and 'glued' everything together.

Asian pears are juicier and crunchier and have a more mellow sweetness to them than your usual Comice or Conference pears, but really, any pear or sweet fruit would be great against the crispy salty bacon. I've done a non-bacon version with gingery caramelised peaches and yogurt before, which could definitely work. This is really quite versatile so you could do this with your normal pancake too, though the tangy heartier flavours of the sourdough crepes make this even more so yummy, and a sourdough starter isn't too difficult to make. Well, maybe not in a day, but who's to stop you from declaring it your own pancake day next Tuesday ;)


  1. Wow these look delicious!!
    Have a nice day

  2. I still need to try sourdough pancake

  3. I love that you've crisped these up...perfect for holding! Lovely way to start a Shrove Tuesday :D

  4. Wow I love the sound of these flavours all together. I have never made sourdough crepes before and they sound and look like a great alternative to the traditional ones. Happy Pancake Day!

  5. Love your introduction of Asian pear into this dish. Many people are still unfamiliar with Asian pears and this a great combination. Beautiful presentation.

  6. I just ate breakfast and now I am hungry again! I love sourdough pancakes but have never had them crispy. These look so delicious!

  7. Just to let you know I have awarded you with a versatile blogger award and I have a link to your blog on my mine. But if you don't want to do it or accept that is absoloutly fine, but thought I would let you know! Amazing looking food by the way!

  8. Happy Pancake Day Shuhan! I found out rather late that it was shrove tuesday, but I did eat burritos tonight... the bread was round and flat... that counts, right? :D

    Your pancakes look delightful - makes me quite jealous. The idea of a sourdough batter sounds ingenious, and those fillings look fantastic. I should have dropped by yours for dinner! :D

  9. manu: thank you!

    three-cookies: go try!!

    heather: I have a weakness for crispy things hehe

    laura: I'm just a bit addicted to the sourdough flavours hehe, happy pancake day too!

    norma: thanks, asian pears are one of those fruits I really miss so I get them once in a while when I drop by chinatown. It tastes like a different fruit from your western pear, more people need to know it!

    jeanne: thanks jeanne(:

    pistachio and rose: aw thanks a lot! I'mgoing to drop by yours now to take a look at your answers! I will try my best to do it but I'm not very interesting..

    Charles: lol that counts totally. like I said, anything that involves flour/a batter and a hot pan (and a somewhat round shape) constitutes pancakes.

  10. OMG this is PURE and UTTER HEAVEN!!!!... I am in love!

  11. Every country has its pancakes... They seem different in France, USA, Hungary, Poland... and UK too! I was sure British pancakes were like the American ones. I prefer these much much more, at least for the "wrap" recipes.
    I love your idea to combine bacon pear and cheddar. Your pancakes look delicious. I have only had pears with blue cheese and it was a pure delight. Very creative recipe!

  12. Mhmm I love crepes! In fact, a couple of my friends and I are going to our favourite crepe place tomorrow after school in tradition for my birthday--so excited.

    Asian pear and bacon sounds actually really delicious; I love sweet and savoury things.

  13. Crispy sourdough pancakes! You are a genius choosing to cook this recipe. Sounds very delicious to me.

  14. Hi Shu Han!

    I never tried a sourdough pancake. I ll have to change that. We dont get pears here, maybe I can use sapodilla (chikoo) fruit instead?

    thanks a lot for sharing! =)

  15. These look delicious, and a great alternative to your more traditional pancakes, yum!

  16. dom: <3

    sissi: I don't know, I actually prefer the american style pancake just because that was the idea of pancake that I grew up with, I also like the flat ones, but I still feel inclined to just call them crepes!

    kyleen: Oh that soounds lovely! I hope you had a great birthday!

    zoe: thanks zoe!

    helene: I think chikoo would be quite different, but no harm giving it a go anyway (:

    thelitleloaf: thanks!

  17. Looks & sounds amazing! Love the combinations of cheese , bacon & Asian pears! I've never cook Asian pears before but now I really have to try after looking at your delicious creation!

  18. Sound really yummy, one is not enough for me!

  19. These look so good! I love the idea of combining the sweet and the savory, I must try this! Pinned!

  20. i: asian pears are delicious aren't they!

    sonia: thank you(:

    debbie: aw, thanks!

  21. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing....