Sunday, 15 April 2012

Blog and Mind Spring Cleaning

I hate cleaning. I'm not dirty; I just avoid creating mess in the first place. When it gets down to doing it, it's usually not that much of an ordeal really, and I actually quite like the smug sense of freedom and accomplishment after.

You may have noticed the new look here. It's not fully there yet, but in the next few posts, the layout and feel of the site should become clearer. Post-spring cleaning, I write this now with a huge sense of release. I'm not just referring to the blog. Much like the way I handle the issue of physical mess, I tend to dodge carefully around less tangible messy issues that worry me.

At the start of the year, I was doing the essential undergraduate moan about everything, especially about life after uni. After 15 years of fulfilling your obligations simply by doing well in school, the prospect of stepping out into the Real World just seems like a towering stack of unwashed plates in the sink. I'm in my second year, a BA in graphic design at the illustrious Central Saint Martins college, but already I'm wondering where this will take me about this same time next year. You see, I don't want to be one of those people stuck in a 9-to-5 job typing reports in a cubicle, the reason why I took the scary plunge to pursue a creative but not-so-financially-wise degree. Coming to London is still one of the best decisions I've made, and I've discovered so much about myself and learnt so much, not in school, but just by being here. This blog for instance. It's a place where I share the other passion I've discovered, for food-- food prepared from scratch with love, food grown by the people here with love.

I still can't say for sure where I'm going, but I'm beginning to see where I want to head, and that's towards all the things I love. From this point on, I'm going to apply more of the art student in me to this blog, and yes that may sound like more work and a pretty stupid move especially as the tutors get increasingly over-enthusiastic in their briefs and their expectations, but it just feels like the right thing to do, and I'm not sure where this will take me, but hopefully doing the little things that feel right now will help bring me to a bigger place that feels just right.

Follow and watch this space

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  1. All the best Shu Han with it all. It will be fun to see how it all progresses and I shall look forward to your posts! Just one little thing, I find your smaller sized text a little hard to read on my PC-blame it on the slightly older eyes-if it was a little larger, it would be easier on the eye-well at least mine! Best of luck!

  2. am loving the new clean look! and can't wait to see more of your graphics/designs on the blog!

  3. i think it looks beautiful and has a wonderful 'hand-drawn' quality to it which is really lovely... can't wait to watch it grow!

  4. Hiya Shu Han!
    Thank you so much for leaving the comments or else I probably never would have found your blog! It's tough keeping up with the blogosphere, innit?

    Don't know how your old design looked, obviously, but I'm liking what I see, now.

    London is a wonderful place. I wasn't able to attend uni there but did an internship back in 2010 and ever since I'm struck with a certain nostalgia and the desire to simply be there. Little jealous, here. ;)

    I'm curious of the way you're going to express the art student in you on your blog - it's certainly going to be interesting.
    I find that with so many facettes a person has, trying to merge two aspects together can be difficult yet often results in something amazing!

    Stay in touch, shall we?


    1. Hey tobias! I know what you mean, which is why I'm glad you got to guest post at nami's.

      London is an exciting place to be (: might be a case of the grass seeming greener on the other side, because germany sounds like a pretty fun place to be in too!

      thanks, I hope this continues to unfold in a good way! def staying in touch, good luck with your blog too, loving what I see so far (:

  5. green dragonette: thanks for the feedback, will increase the font size! I forget to consider things like that which are obviously really impt!

    janine: thank you, I hope I haven't created too much of an expectation :/

    dom: thanks dom I can't wait too (;

    angie: thanks angie!

  6. Lovely new look Shu Han!! It's so fresh :) Your decisions to follow your creative aspirations will pay off - your passion shines through! xo

  7. Exciting times to come...! And I'm really inspired by how convicted you are to work towards ONLY things that you Love! You go, Shu Han. You are so gifted and driven I'm sure you will achieve whatever you set out to do. And do keep us updated! Looking forward to what's to come on your blog and personal life =]

  8. As I have already said, I love your new design, so I'm looking forward to further changes and your artistic accents here. I think your blog has always been excellent, but I'm sure your modifications will improve it even more! Good luck!

  9. I wanted to ask you if u had changed something. lol
    It looks great, the head fits to your page, its your style, love it!
    You are a great artist.

  10. Hi! its really inspiring to read your article. I can say that cooking is one of the best skills for passion to built upon. Anyway, Best wishes to your career.