Tuesday, 13 November 2012

(Argh) I will.

I will be focused.
I will finish the bloody dissertation.
I will get off twitter.
I will ignore that thank-you tweet about fish head noodles.
I will not decide to revisit fish head noodles.
I will stop researching noodles.
I will not make or tear noodles today.
I will not make pasta today, either.
I will put my new pasta machine on the highest shelf.
I will not climb up to reach it.
I will stop hovering around the kitchen.
I will stop 'checking on' my chicken soup.
I will wait patiently for soto ayam. 
I will stop thinking about dinner.
I will stop thinking about tomorrow's breakfast.
I will stop thinking about the best scrambled eggs for tomorrow's breakfast.
I will be zen and meditate on pickles.
I will not pickle achar today.
I will not pickle kimchi today.
I will not think about kimchi pheasant.
I will not think about mum's sesame oil chicken.
I will not think about birds at all, including that aforementioned soto ayam.
I will not crave cinnamon baked apples.
I will not reminisce about visiting Chegworth.
I will not daydream about holidays.
I will get off the Ryanair website.
I will be good and work hard this holiday.
I will be frugal and survive on peanuts this holiday.
I will stop munching on peanuts now.
I will leave them for making satay peanut sauce.
I will leave them for making satay satay peanut sauce next week.
I will eat 'healthy chocolate' instead (best weird discovery: blackstrap molasses + pure cocoa powder. Also, blackstrap molasses + good traditionally brewed soy sauce makes kecap manis with no artificial ingredients. Kecap manis makes nasi goreng. Ok stop.)
I will not eat 'healthy' chocolate.
I will not munch at all.
I will save the hand-eye coordination for typing. 
I will type a thousand words in one sitting.
I will type a thousand words for my dissertation in one sitting.
I will get off blogger now.

(back next week with more hopefully, sorry)


  1. Hey Shu Han! You can and should focus on the thesis now but do not give up your passion for food and blogging!

    You have a gift. Trust me...

    1. hah don't worry its just for this week, I'm not going off for good!

  2. Replies
    1. :S Hope these old links that I dug up keep you happy this week !

  3. Haha! I wonder where do I know such thoughts from... Cooking and pickling and preserving are such an addiction and perfect excuse. Hilarious post, Shu Han. Good luck with the dissertation!

  4. That's a lot of wills and won'ts and it isn't even time for the new year resolutions. Good luck just keeping track of them all. LOL

    1. haha the new eyar will bring another set of resolutions altogether. (yikes)

  5. Wow! What a list! I don't think I can even keep up 5 of them! Especially eating healthy chocolates! LOL

  6. And I will not stop reading your blog and clicking on the links, even though I should be working. :-)
    I so very much relate to this. Thanks for making me laugh.

  7. Poor you!
    When I'm trying to study or similar, it's AMAZING how good I get at other things.
    Procrastination is a very powerful force.
    Good luck dissertating :)

  8. Ha, it seems you haven't been doing *that* well at your resolutions, since you were writing a comment to my post just yesterday, LOL! Good luck though... I know how hard it can be to concentrate when there are so many distractions. Remember to give yourself a break every now and again though... you deserve it!

  9. What a long and interesting dissertation. I hope that all your wishes come true.

  10. AaH I feel for you Shu Han...you'll get it done...you're almost there...just keep going a bit longer...sorry not near enough to bring round comforting brain food to help.