Friday, 27 June 2014

Pho, with Thai basil, mint and coriander fishcakes

There is a huge backlog of recipes I plan to blog about, but haven't. A lot of times I start up the blogger page, stare at the white space and draw a blank. It's not a lack of cooking in my life– I am in the kitchen almost every day. It's not a lack of photos– I am one of those annoying people who disallow her friends from eating until she has taken a good 50 shots.

I start writing and I wonder, why would anyone read this? The recipes seem too short and too easy; you are only required to 1. not be afraid of fire and 2. be able to use a knife. A lot of them are also just variations of older recipes, swopping one ingredient out for one or two others– maybe fennel instead of cumin seeds, basil instead of mint, chard in summer instead of cabbage etc. But today I feel like writing anyway.

Fishcakes have probably appeared somewhere on the blog before, but not with these same herbs and not on top of a bowl of noodles. There is something particularly wonderful about the combination of fragrant Thai basil, mint and coriander; and crisp flaky fishcakes against slippery soft noodles. 

These fishcakes are made using fresh wild salmon instead of canned and aren't bulked up with 95% potato, so you really get the flavour of salmon and a lovely light texture that crumbles in the mouth. 
I have all the herbs growing in my basement flat (surviving thanks to the relatively sunny long days), so it's one of those recipes I can handle (and have handled repeatedly) for a lazy lunch. The three herbs are favourites in Southeast Asian cooking, and I actually first made these in Singapore a few months back. The boy I was seeing gave me a bouquet of chillies and herbs because he knew I liked my 'flowers' edible. I very unromantically made fishcakes out of them the next day. (Shush! He ate them too.) 

serves 2-4

for the fishcakes
400g fresh wild salmon, skin-on fillets
stock (see below for pho)
1 free-range egg,
3-4 tbsp cornflour (starch)
1" piece of ginger
1-4 bird's eye chillies (to own discretion)
sea salt, to taste
zest of 1 lime
1 handful of thai basil
1 handful mint
1 handful coriander
groundnut oil

for the pho
(I'm not referring to the more iconic beef pho. This soup is a light chicken broth that's spiked with fish sauce and lime.)
300g fresh or 100g dried pho noodles (1/4" wide flat rice noodles)
1l basic Asian chicken stock*
1 tsp rock sugar, or to taste
6 tbsp fish sauce, or to taste

to serve
1 lime, cut into wedges
more bird's eye chillies, chopped
more thai basil, mint, and coriander, roughly torn

*Made from simmering the carcass of a happy chicken with a lot of smashed ginger for 3 hours. More tips on getting a clear broth and general stock-making help here.

1. Place salmon skin-side down in a deep pan. Pour enough stock to cover the fillets, and bring it up to a boil. Once it starts to simmer, turn off the heat, cover and allow the salmon to poach for about 5 minutes. Do not overcook, and err on the side of undercooking, as you will fry the fishcakes further later. Once cooked, remove the salmon very gently from the pan, reserving the salmon-flavoured stock for later.  Remove skin (I eat this, yum #asian), then flake the salmon with a fork.
2. Combine salmon with the beaten egg and enough cornflour for the mixture to come together. Season generously, adding the minced ginger, chillies and lime zest at the same time. Finely chop the herbs and mix in gently. Refrigerate the mixture for a bit while you prepare the noodle soup.
3. If you're living in Asia, you can get access to fresh rice noodles from the market, they are amazing. If not, cook dried noodles in plenty of boiling water till just cooked, then drain, refresh and let sit in cool water- this prevents sticky noodles!
4. Add the salmon-flavoured stock to the rest of the stock, and bring to a boil. Add fish sauce and rock sugar to taste.
5. Back to fishcakes. You can shape them into patties (see photo above) but I have since improved my method to suit the lazy. I drop in about 2 heaped tbsp of the thick batter into medium-hot oil and then sort of shape the edges a bit, flattening with my spatula. Fry, flipping once, till golden on both sides. Repeat till you finish the batter, being careful not to overcrowd the pan.
6. To serve, drain noodles well and divide into bowls. Pour hot stock over. Place fishcakes on top.  Make sure the person eating squeezes lime over and stirs in the herbs and chillies into the hot broth to flavour it just before digging in.*

*That said, you can add as much as you like. Read my little rant about how everyone has the right to decide how they like their soup.

And that's it. It's pretty simple especially if you already have homemade stock in the fridge. The broth is easily flavoured with fish sauce, lime, herbs and the salmon you were poaching. The fishcakes themselves require as much effort as mixing a pancake batter takes and that even 6 year olds could do. If you want to change things around a bit, feel free to. Maybe a white fish, maybe dill, maybe vermicelli noodles instead. I guess that's what I really love about cooking– being spontaneous with the ingredients and having fun with the process.

p.s.  Coley and dill fishcakes, with vermicelli noodle soup may just be up on the blog in future; sod it with the 'not good enough'!

p.p.s. I am Asian so I eat a lot of noodles (on the days when I'm not eating rice, you know?) Get on the mailing list for recipes too short to blog about: roast fennel and miso somen soup; sugar snap peas and chilli shrimp oil vermicelli; marinated soy egg-n-cress noodle soup.


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  1. The fish cakes look delicious and they actually contain plenty of fish as they should! A boyfriend who brings you edible flowers has to be a good thing. ;)

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  2. Great post, Shu - thanks! One of the great things about living in east London as we do is the access to great Vietnamese supermarkets for fresh herbs, fruit - even things like morning glory, durian and shredded banana flower.

    I also recognise the tyranny of the blog, waiting for the next post, tapping its metaphorical finger with impatience. I have several half-done pieces but not the time needed to polish them off. Perhaps this weekend....

    1. I know, I live in east London too, and I can walk to the Vietnamese market faster than I can to the supermarket! Even better, I have these herbs growing, so I only need to take 2 steps out to the garden space ;)

      Ha! Yeah yeah...I'll check on you this weekend then.

    2. Under pressure here, but new post polished and posted!

    3. Argh completely missed this! Blogger doesn't send me notifications! Off to check out now xx

  3. This boyfriend is a real jewel ;-) I hate flower bouquets and make sure everyone knows it, but now I think that, apart from suggesting wine or chocolate, I should mention edible bouquets....
    Lovely fish cakes. Thai basil and chillies is what they needed to become really interesting... (I once made British fish cakes and thought they lacked something... now I know what!).

    1. Mmm hmm! That said, I do love flowers. Just the edible ones MORE ;)
      You should try these for sure Sissi, especially since you love Asian spices and herbs. Also, these aren't bulked up with potatoes! I like the British fishcakes too, but they taste more of potato than fish- completely different creatures!

  4. Its hard to find time to blog....courage to put your work out there - to make it public on the interwebs. I have a backlog of recipes/photos too :)

    The recipe looks great. Love all of the herbs.

    1. Time especially is a big one for me too :( But every time I do get time to blog I am reminded why I love it. Thanks Joyti!

  5. wow this soup looks amazing must try making fish cakes like this

    1. Thanks rebecca! Let me know how that goes x

  6. Both pho and fish cake look very delicious, Shu.
    Have a nice weekend!

    1. Thank you Angie! They go well together! Have a good weekend yourself x

  7. I'm in love with noodles at the moment but (please don't judge me!) I'm eating those 3 minute noodle packs... haha. At least they are bought from an Asian supermarket, and I do add plenty of vegetables! I should make some of these delicious salmon fishcakes to go with them next time :) I'd never thought of putting fishcakes in soup!
    P.S. That edible bouquet you were given is super cute!

    1. Not judging, but you def should try making noodle soup yourself! Rice vermicelli takes especially fast to cook, and if you have homemade chicken stock in the fridge already, the whole meal can take as long, or even faster than those 3 min noodle packs. ;)

  8. Hi Shu, thanks for reminding of fish cakes, it's been a long time since I had some! Your clicks made me crave it so so bad :)

    1. Time for you to make fishcakes too then ;)

  9. Looks light and fresh and full of flavour, the ingredient list for the fish cakes is packed with flavour! Awesome!

    1. Thank you! So pleased to hear from you!

  10. I have never made fish cakes before! These look fantastic and I love the flavours :)

    1. They are so much fun to make and so yummy! Time to start maybe ? ;)

  11. I am always in the mood for noodles... anytime of day... is that because I'm Asian? lol.
    The pho looks light and refreshing; and the fishcakes look mighty tasty too. Yum.

    1. Yes I eat noodles almost every other day. The days I'm not I have rice. Like a good Asian girl ;)

      Thank you Michael!

  12. We're definitely feeling the biting cold of Winter here in Australia and would honestly love nothing more than a hot bowl of noodles like this. So simple and tasty, love this recipe Shu Han!

    1. This is so good for both summer and winter as it's light enough yet also warm and comforting. Boo about the weather. That said, I always get so jealous of you in December when it's freezing here!

  13. Never heard baout using chicken stock for making pho, but i guess this is a ligher version should be nice too!!!
    what a lovely salmon cakes too.....

    1. We are all more used to the idea of pho bo (beef), but the vietnamese also enjoy pho ga (chicken). it's great when you want something lighter!

  14. The herbs look wonderful and fresh and the fishcakes are a lovely colour. I suppose in the end all recipes are just variations of other recipes but somehow or other we all love reading about the variations! I find I have quite a few posts that I have started but they never get finished as if I don't finish them quite soon, I forget how the recipe made me feel and it's hard to write about it.

    1. Exactly! This happens to me too much (well it has been more than a month between this post and my latest...) yikes :(

  15. Yummy! Love that you served these over soup...and the basil, mint and coriander must have made it taste amaaaaaazing :)

    1. Its great because there's a lovely contrast of textures! And yes herbs add so much fragrance and flavour mmmmm.

  16. This is just beautiful. It sounds so filling but clean at the same time.

    1. Thank you! It's perfect for all sorts of weather :)

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