Sunday, 30 March 2014

Oh hello again

It's been 2 months.

I will break tradition and not start the post with a 'sorry', but a thank you for whoever still checks in. I know I've been slow on the blog front, but I hope I've not let anyone down because there's been no lack of food in the crazy past couple of months.

1. Please check out my new site! I finally got it up and it explains all of my multi-split-personalites and shows all the random work I do and am proud of.  There's also a black box that lists 3 things I'm up to lately- anything from magazine features to new popups or workshops. (The blog's still here though).

2. I've been 4 years slow in this but I now have a mailing list and it would be nice if you signed up. There will be updates beyond what's on the blog. No spam I promise, just news about fun projects or events I'm starting or doing. Possibly news about extra food that needs a hungry tummy to help clear. (Yeah I'm totally just pimping this mailing list out.)

... sign up.

3. Photos. Where I left off last week, I was about to host a fermentation workshop at NONG, the space on top of Chinatown where Asia's largest rooftop farm is going to happen. I thought it went brilliantly, thank you for coming if you came. There are some photos up on the Facebook page. And I took the chance to upload a whole bunch of photos from my past events at Carpenter & Cook and Street Feast London. Only a few months late, of course.

(photos by Michelle Tng Ying)

4. On the design front, my work is getting a bit of attention, hurrah. (My work are all edible-themed– ha! surprise!– so I figured you readers might be interested.) My Noodles project was displayed alongside other local designs at this year's Singapore Day in London. My Kueh and Mee prints and tote bags are now sold at a few places in Singapore, one of them being the oh-so-hip Naiise. They did an interview with me a few weeks ago for anyone keen on finding out more about life as a broke designer/ cook. Ah, and it's also somewhere in the April issue of Home & Decor magazine, which is pretty huge stuff in Singapore, double hurrah.

5. I've been travelling, again, this time to BaliMore sun, yoga, and veggies. I've had too many crazy tropical smoothies and gado gado– blanched vegetables with some sort of amazing handmade peanut sauce (and by handmade, I mean she actually grinds the roasted peanuts in a mortar and pestle, adding water and seasoning as she goes along– for every order she gets) and fried prawn crackers. Time to start exploring peanut sauces beyond my favourite Singapore satay peanut sauce.

6. I've been cooking, a lot (despite the lack of news on the blog front). I have been arm-twisted into a fair number of cook-offs and bake-offs. I have also been spending a fair bit of time tailing Mum in the kitchen. Here is a teaser of my mum making her famous Ngoh Hiang, fried beancurd skin rolls stuffed with minced meat, prawns and water chestnuts. I have photos and recipes and notes and even videos, just waiting to be blogged. Please be patient and don't go away!

(watch till the end Mum is hilarious)

Oh, for a while back I also did a weekly food column for Honeycombers Asia, in collaboration with NONG, using the herbs from their garden. There are recipes for naughty Vietnamese noodle salads, mustard leaf pesto, and hibiscus agar jellies so you can go have a browse and hopefully forgive me for not having any recipe posts up lately.

That's it, a summary of the edible bits of the crazy past couple of months in Singapore. The next time I see you will likely be back in London– get ready for some seasonal cooking again :)

You can find out what I'm up to or salivate over more food photos in between my horrible blog schedule on