Chopsticks brunch club

After years of doing supperclubs and popup events at night, and going home in the wee hours of the day to a dirty kitchen, I thought it would be fun to start a brunch club. Brunch back home isn't quite so much about poached eggs/ pancakes/ sausages and toast; there's light noodle soups, congee (rice porridge), fried rice cakes, and sometimes even curry. No forks and knives.

That said, don't expect that exact same bowl of noodles you had when you went backpacking in Bangkok five years ago. There will be little twists to these dishes from home using British ingredients.

(top left to right)
Fried hor fun with kale and fermented beancurd/ Congee with savoy cabbage and pickled radish omelette/ Asparagus with crispy garlic and fermented black beans/ Noodles with samphire kimchi and raw egg yolk/ Dry-tossed soy sauce egg noodles with shallot oil and purple sprouting broccoli/ Congee with hot smoked salmon and ginger

I'll be updating the menu each time with whatever looks the best this season. Most of the produce will be from the Stoke Newington Farmers Market, or the amazing little stores and independent fishmongers/ butchers/ grocers in the area.

My home in Dalston/ Stokey (exact address emailed after booking is confirmed)
BYOB if you want it to be a boozy brunch but there will be tea/ water.
Suggested donation of £18 (in support of Action Against Hunger)
Book via edible experiences.

23 Oct, 11:30am
Steamed pumpkin & shiitake Rice with homemade Chinese sausage
Pork & sweetheart cabbage wantons in chilli oil
Grilled chicken & leek skewers (Mum's secret marinade)
Runner beans with shrimp paste and chilli
Soy sauce marinated soft-boiled eggs
Sweet & spicy soy sauce pickled cauliflower
Plums, gula melaka and and vanilla cream

26 June, 11am
Jasmine rice with sesame
Green beans with shrimp paste and chilli
Soy sauce marinated eggs with radish sprouts
Glass noodle salad with crab, peas, Thai-style dressing
Mum's fermented beancurd pork & courgette skewers
Sweet pickled cucumbers
Strawberries with lime and vanilla cream

10 April, 11am
Noodle soup with smoked mackerel and watercress
Wild garlic omelette
Fish sauce marinated roast chicken, with wild garlic green sauce
Roast broccoli with sesame sauce
Cold tofu with Erik's samphire kimchi
Sweet pickled radishes and chilli
Vietnamese coffee ice cream

13 March, 11am
Oodles with miso nut butter and rocket
Purple sprouting broccoli with shallot oil
Crispy roast pork belly
Chard in lard
Kohlrabi and chilli sweet pickles
Tea marinated eggs
Rhubarb and condensed milk ice cream

14 February, 11am
'Singles Brunch Club' Menu
Roast fennel & ginger congee
Mussels in rice wine
Asparagus with crispy garlic and fermented black beans
"Son-in-law eggs"- Deep fried eggs in tamarind
Cavolo nero with cured chinese sausage
Sweet pickled beetroot and daikon
Something sexy with chocolate and banana

24 January, 11am
Congee with kabocha squash
Preserved radish & fish sauce omelette
Garlicky cabbage and glass noodles
Kale fried with fermented beancurd
Ginger meatballs in chilli oil
Sweet soy sauce pickled fennel
Something sweet with clementines

Menu subject to slight changes based on availability of ingredients.

Shoot me an email to book places in advance/ join the mailing list :)


  1. I so know what you mean!! Everyone thinks it's over when they leave, but is sooo isn't!! Hope brunch goes well for you!! : )

  2. Sounds great. Hope to make it to the next one!

  3. Aww! I just made barley water using your recipe! When you get back to Singapore, I sure want to meet you at your events! Thanks for having such an awesome blog!

  4. Hahaha, "son-in-law eggs" literally made me crack up (like a cracked egg lol).
    But I think it's so inspirational how your travels have made you such a cool person in trying out all these awesome things that I would never in a million years have dared to do - like starting a brunch club and cooking for people! It's super awe-inspiring AND awesome.