How to cook

The Savoury

'ABC' winter roots soup
Cashew asparagus
Celeriac and hazelnut soup
Chive flower tempura
Christmas tree roast potatoes (yes I ate my Christmas tree)
Cold beetroot soup, with beet crisps
Curried courgette fritters
Sweet soy-marinated aubergines
Kabocha squash, simmered with dried shrimps
Marrow stew with goji berries
Nai bai (or any green veg), stir-fried with lard and dried shrimps
Pear, fennel, bacon salad, with warm ginger dressing
Roast whole cauliflower, with mint sweet chilli sauce
Spinach curry with Jersey Royal new potatoes (saag aloo)
see: A multi-purpose spinach Curry (the super saag!)
see: Stinging nettle saag 
Steamed cabbage dim-sum dumplings
Seared radish with radish leaf miso pesto
Sweet asian pickles
Thai jungle curry (I dare you!)

A poached egg
Baked egg in jacket sweet potato, with chilli lime coriander butter
Chinese tea-marinated marbled eggs
Half-boiled eggs
Preserved turnip (chai poh) omelette 
Sambal deep-fried eggs (sambal telur)
Soft-boiled eggs, with roasted purple broccoli soldiers
Steamed egg (Chinese savoury custard)
The best scrambled eggs experiment

The Sweet

Agar agar jelly (naturally coloured!)
Baked apples with cinnamon nuts and raisins
Balsamic syrup, basil, black pepper and... strawberries
Bubur pult hitam (black sticky rice, adzuki beans, coconut cream)
Chinese double-boiled pear and almond sweet soup 
Flourless chocolate orange ginger cake
Jasmine rice pudding, with poached rhubarb
Lazy no-knead sourdough spelt bread
One-ingredient banana ice-cream, with caramelised bananas and walnuts
Sourdough crepes, with caramelised peaches and ginger syrup

Old-fashioned Healing Barley Water

The Rest

Applesauce (and a visit to Chegworth Valley Farm)
Better homemade kimchi
Chunky walnut basil pesto
see: Radish leaf miso pesto
see: Mint pesto (no cheese)
see: Thai basil and coriander Pesto (with soybean paste)
Fava (Greek 'hummus')
Kaya (Singapore pandan coconut egg jam)
Old-school chilli ketchup
Proper satay peanut sauce
Sriracha, aka That Asian Hot Sauce (fermented!)
Sweet chilli sauce with mint
Sambal tumis belachan (plus cooking vlog!)
Yakitori sauce

How to

Asian egg (alkaline) noodles
Bouncy 100%-fishballs
Congee, aka jook, aka Cantonese rice porridge
see: Teochew rice porridge 
Flavoured sugars (pandan sugar!) 
Homemade rice noodles
How to survive on real food on a student budget
How to cook for a crowd without stressing out
Natural food colourings
Make any vegetable taste good, my Mum's way
Make beetroot (or any root) crisps
Make your own sourdough starter (plus a hero's farewell)
Perfect plain rice
Render lard (plus my love for lard)
Secrets to a Chinese stir-fry
see: Velvet chicken
see: Velvet prawns 
Shortcrust pie pastry, as easy as 1-2-3
Steam a whole fish, Cantonese style
Sweet-asian-pickle anything
Tempura batter
The ultimate guide to making Thai curries