How to eat

The short With delight, with friends, and with an extra squirt of chilli.

The long I am actually a health freak though many of the green-smoothie-drinking/ hot-yoga-doing/ I-cycle-everywhere health freaks out there would raise an eyebrow or two at the way I eat. (No offence, I do all of the above too actually.)

So heres's my two cents, because that was how/ what prompted me to start this blog– to share the type of food that I love and eat.

There's a general agreement that the people who survive on fast food and takeouts and microwaveable meals could do much better with their health. But from this point on, it starts to get confusing. Food's turned into some sort of a religion, the vegetarians lashing out against the paleo or atkins, and then even within these camps, there are the no-grains or just-fruits, or raw vegan vs cooked, and the list goes on. We have scientists coming up with 'hot new' research turning us away from food that our great great grandmama used to eat and thrive on-- the butter, the egg yolks, the coconut milk, the lard, and so we've got the low-fat, vegan, muesli-with-soy milk camp of health foodies. Then there are those who have read the research on the health benefits of saturated fat, and stumbled upon the atkins or a high-protein diet, maybe an interpretation of the paleo diet, and decided that fat and protein are good and carbs are the devil.

It's just silly, really.

It's food, it's potatoes or spinach or pineapples or meatballs or eggs, have it sunny side-up, baked, hard-boiled, soft-boiled, whatever, but it's not 152 calories out of the allowed 2000 calorie daily intake, or a 70.8g serving of protein/carb/fat. Low-fat's silly, so is low-carb. I've had lots of arguments with people on the 'best' way to eat, I've tried many things, and found myself back to square one, eating the foods that I grew up with, the foods that my mum cooks, that I love. I eat everything and I like eating everything (except blue cheese, phwoar). I love cooking so to me, food's the best when it's as close to its natural state as possible, made/grown by people who care.

But hey while I eat my vegetables, I don't say no to cake nor pork belly. To me that's a healthier and more enjoyable relationship with food than stressing out about eating 'unhealthy food'. So excuse me while I go devour the chocolate cake staring at me from across the table.

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I don't claim to be an expert on health, but these are some choices I've taken and found helpful, you can see what you make of them. 


  1. This sounds like a very wholesome approach! I'm quite a Paleo and carb-reduced eater, but mostly because of my food tolerances and health problems coming from that, and what's left for me to eat just fits with it. I'm not totally strict, and if there's something I feel good with but it's not on the Paleo-approved foods list, I eat it anyway. :)

    I actually don't think that there's a single diet that works for everybody, nor something like "the" natural diet of humans. Like you've said, Asian people have always eaten a lot of rice, so why not eat it? To me, it makes perfectly sense that people who've grown up (and whose families lived) in a particular geographic zone are somewhat adapted to the traditional foods of that place. As long as you eat real and natural food without preservatives and stuff like that, everything is fine. :) (Btw, I love rice, I just get blood sugar issues from the white one and tummy ache from the brown one. :( But I eat it in small amounts every now and then and really like it.) :)

  2. Thanks Kath! I used to eat quite Paleo, but it didn't make sense to me in the end because I knew that my body needed the carbs, and I've grown up eating rice. I like rice because it's really one of the most tolerable kind of food, or at least grain, that's easy to digest and very healing and neutral (: Food intolerances are a bitch though, and I hope you manage to heal your gut soon- and then finally be able to eat without restrictions, alot of these intolerances happen because of the restrictions we put on our diets in the first place! xx

  3. Shuhan I just found this but I love your blog!!!! Was already really impressed with the birthday dinner you cooked, but now I'm reading through your posts and am having trouble picking my jaw off the ground. Bravo, stay talented and keep cooking and posting xxx

  4. OMG SHUHAN WHAT IS THIS!!!!! WHY ARE YOU KEEPING SECRETS!!! Everything you cook is super inventive and looks awesome and makes me feel so lousy for cooking nonsense hahaha.

  5. I totally agree with you, and to take the matter a bit further, I think everything is good in moderation, even junk! An occasional burger won't kill you, just don't make a regular habit out of it! Food is one of life's pleasures and like all pleasures you have got to be moderate, but what is a life without any form of pleasure? One that I personally don't care to live in! I refuse to have the money making industry rob me from my right to eat good food, and therefore I believe everything in moderation can never hurt you :)
    enjoyed reading your post :)

    1. Thanks so much Dima! I'm honoured and pleased you even got through this whole page! Moderation is the whole approach I'm trying to take right now. I don't want to let any anal mindset about food rob me of the chance to enjoy food and life as a whole (:

  6. shuhan you're amazing! your recipes all look so awesome haha but it's hard to get alot of these stuff in sg -.- i'm more of a baker than a cook hehh.

    you might like this website if you haven't already bookmarked it:


    1. hi simin! I just tend to use the ingredients that I can get here, so it's always influenced by what's local and in season, heh when I get back to singapore in teh summer, maybe you can find the recipes more helpful! I'm not a confident baker at all haha, cookign comes more naturally to me!

      thanks for the link, it's great!